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Symposium Series on Post-Quantum Cryptography

Post-Quantum Cryptography

Cryptography is at the heart of internet security. However, much of the currently deployed cryptography is vulnerable to quantum attacks, which will become effective once large-scale quantum computers become feasible. Therefore, the affected cryptographic standards must be replaced by ones that offer security against quantum attacks. The post-quantum cryptography transition may take organizations ten years to complete, or longer. To remain secure and comply with legal and regulatory requirements, affected organizations should act now. What do you need to know - and what can you do - in order to continue your course of business securely?

Symposium Series

The Symposium Post-Quantum Cryptography is part of a series organized by CWI Cryptology Group and TNO. The symposium is aimed at higher management and security professionals from government, private sector, and industry. The first symposium in April 2021 was a general introduction to the problem from the perspective of industry, government, and end user.

Symposium Post-Quantum Cryptography - Episode II

Theme:  Act now, not later: "A closer look"
Date and time:  Wednesday November 3, 2021, 15:00 - 17:00
Location:  Online: watch


  1. Welcome and opening by Chris van 't Hof
  2. Introduction by Ronald Cramer and Maran van Heesch
  3. Keynote 1: Kenneth Paterson (slides)
  4. Keynote 2: Robert Leyting (slides)
  5. Short break
  6. Keynote 3: Frans van Dosselaer (slides)
  7. Q&A and panel discussion
  8. Wrap-up and outlook by Marc Stevens


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   Chris van 't Hof
Chris van ’t Hof is an independent researcher, writer and presenter in information technology. With his background in both electrical engineering and sociology, he analyses the interaction between human and electronic networks. With his company Tek Tok, he makes complicated matters in science and technology fun. Since January 2022, he is director of DIVD, the Dutch Institute for Vulnerability Disclosure.


photo kenneth

   Kenneth Paterson: "PQC or QKD?"
Kenny Paterson is the head of the Applied Cryptography Group in the Institute of Information Security at ETH Zurich. The focus of his research is on bridging the gap between theory and practice in cryptography. Kenny served as the Editor in Chief for the IACR's Journal of Cryptology, and he has been a fellow of the IACR since 2017.

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Robert Leyting: "PKI government and post-quantum cryptography, not necessarily difficult, certainly complicated"
Robert Leyting is the system ("stelsel") coordinator for PKI government. Since 1998 he has been involved in risk and security management on a tactical and strategic level, within financial institutions, healthcare, IT services and government organizations. Robert's knowledge, experience and interests range from PKI, auditing, security management, security architecture, OSINT, pen testing to IT privacy.

photo frans

Frans van Dosselaer: "Defending cryptographic implementations against advanced physical attacks"
Frans is Principal Architect at Fox Crypto. Fox Crypto develops high assurance products that protect top secret information against the highest level of attackers, including APTs such as state actors with a high knowledge level and virtually unlimited resources. Their solutions also focus on physical attacks, where attackers have access to one or more devices. This means that besides the mathematical soundness of the cryptographic functionality, the physics of the implementation is equally important. Their contribution highlights some of the practical obstacles modern cyber security solutions face when dealing with the most advanced adversaries. Fox Crypto is part of Fox-IT, which in turn is part of NCC Group.


The Symposium Post-Quantum Cryptography requires registration and is a closed event. For more information, please contact: projectoffice (AT) More information on previous editions can be found here.

Organizing Committee

  • Ronald Cramer (CWI & University Leiden)
  • Serge Fehr (CWI & University Leiden)
  • Maran van Heesch (TNO)
  • Marc Stevens (CWI)
  • Thijs Veugen (TNO & CWI)
  • Susanne van Dam (CWI)
  • Lenny Zilverberg (TNO)
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